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General dentistry services provide you with the preventative and restorative care you need to keep your mouth healthy. At West Broadway Dentist, we offer a broad range of general services that will help you maintain a bright, comfortable smile.

Providing general preventative services is a key part of our mission at West Broadway Dentist. We want to help you enjoy the healthiest smile possible, which starts with getting the routine care you need to keep more serious problems from developing. We recommend a checkup and cleaning every six months, with dental X-rays every two years. Keeping up with these regular visits can help you avoid many problems.

We do recognize that even with the best care, issues can develop. At West Broadway Dentist, we can handle most common dental issues. Our general dentistry services include the following:

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Composite Fillings

At West Broadway Dentist, we offer composite resin fillings that mimic the colour of your tooth, giving you a natural-looking solution to cavities. These fillings are available for both front and back teeth, so you can use them anywhere you need a small to midsize filling to help with tooth decay. Composite fillings are becoming increasingly popular because of their unobtrusive appearance. Ask our staff about the benefits of a composite filling.

Night Guards

Night guards are molded devices that fit in the mouth to help prevent grinding of the teeth at night. If your teeth are suffering from excessive wear because you grind them when you’re sleeping, we can fit you for a night guard that will help you sleep comfortably without doing any additional damage to your teeth.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is performed when a patient has excessive tooth decay, tooth crowding, or a serious tooth infection. If your tooth is removed because of damage, decay, or infection, this procedure is typically followed with a restorative solution such as an implant to stand in for the missing tooth.

We will develop a full treatment plan with you that includes the necessary tooth extraction and all appropriate follow-up procedures in a series of clear steps. We strive to demystify dental care and make sure you have a clear understanding of what’s happening in all stages of this process.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Your wisdom teeth, or third molars, often need to be removed because they’re positioned at an angle or there isn’t room for them in the jaw. Wisdom tooth removal is a routine procedure performed in our office. We offer all forms of sedation during your wisdom tooth removal, so you’ll stay comfortable throughout this minor dental surgery.

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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is available for certain services. Using sedation, we can help ease any anxiety or discomforts that you may experience surrounding your dental care. If you’re concerned about the stress of having certain dental procedures done, speak with our staff about the options available for sedation. There are several different approaches we can take to ensure you are comfortable throughout any major surgical procedure.

Root Canals

Root canal treatments are used to remove infected or damaged pulp in the tooth. This pulp is necessary for the development of the tooth but does not need to remain once the tooth is fully formed. Therefore, we can safely remove unhealthy pulp, fill the tooth, and protect it with a crown. If you’re suffering from the pain of an infected root, you’ll get almost immediate relief from your discomfort with a routine root canal treatment. Dr. Fereidouni has over two decades of experience performing root canals.

If you need restorative dental services that we don’t offer in our office, our staff at West Broadway Dentist can help you find a specialist that’s equipped to meet your needs. We have relationships with several local specialists who share our passion for patient-centred care delivered with a kind, personalized approach. Whatever your dental needs, our staff at West Broadway Dentist can help you get on the right path toward restoring your dental health. Make your appointment now.

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At West Broadway Dentist we employ technology to ensure that your dental and cosmetic procedure is effective, fast and affordable. It is our job to keep abreast of emerging proven technologies and we have assessed and incorporated the following technologies for your comfort and safety.

Digital X-rays

We use digital x-rays instead of traditional dental x-rays.

There are a number of benefits to you. Digital x-rays are safer because they use up to 90% less radiation. This is especially important to patients who need multiple x-rays. Additionally, because the image is sent to a computer and not to film, the results are instant and much clearer–so there’s no waiting around for processing. It’s also faster and easier to transfer electronic x-ray files between your dental care team when necessary. And of course, no film means no waste for the environment, which is why digital x-rays are a green solution too.

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Keeping our clinic safe is our top priority.

One of the ways we meeting this goal is placing all dental instruments through a pressurized steam oven, which sterilizes them completely and keeps them safe. We also use an ultrasonic scrubber, only touch instruments with gloved hands and use disposable teeth cleaning and polishing instruments.

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Invisalign® Treatment

Invisalign is a remarkable teeth-straightening solution.

3D computer modeling is used to create invisible sets of ‘aligners’, which gradually and comfortably straighten your teeth over time. Invisalign is a perfect alternative to braces–particularly for adults who may be embarrassed at the thought of wearing metal braces like a teenager.

Overall it can take nine to 15 months for your teeth to straighten with Invisalign. The aligners are comfortable and there is no need for frequent trips to the dentist to get them tightened or adjusted.

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